Guild Charter

General Rules

  1. Have fun! This is absolutely the most important rule.
  2. Treat your fellow players with courtesy and respect.

Guild Chat

  1. Try to keep guild chat in-character if possible. If you must discuss things out of character, please specify that it is "OOC" or wrap the text in parenthesis ((such as this)) or brackets [[such as this]].
  2. Just because the game has an obscenity filter is no reason to test its effectiveness. Please try to keep offensive or explicit language out of guild chat.
  3. Disagreements should be solved by the people involved via tells. If necessary, contact an officer to help resolve issues.
  4. Please refrain from discussing RL politics or religion in guild chat.

Gameplay & Events

  1. This is a casual guild. Members are not required to attend events, nor should you expect your guildmembers to drop what they are doing and group with you. Please understand that everyone has things they want to accomplish in the game and that they may not have time to help you. That said, we strongly encourage participation whenever possible.
  2. While this is a casual guild, we do expect our members to log on at least once in a blue moon. For that reason, any member who is inactive for 90 days without contacting an officer will be removed from the guild. (Please see this post for more information.)
  3. In groups and raids, please try to follow the need before greed rule. If a player needs a drop, they should get first dibs at it, otherwise decide on a looting method that everyone agrees to. Need before greed is the preferred looting method of the Green Council.
  4. No member is required to gain status for the guild. However, rank promotions and the guild level are both dependent on status, so if you wish to contribute to the guild and rise within its ranks, you will need to work at gaining status.

The Guild Bank

Please review this post in our forums for more information about using the Guild Bank. Please note that the number of items you may withdraw from the guild banks each day is limited by your guild rank.
Guild Bank 1: The Supply Closet
The supply closet is used to hold basic supplies for all members (bags, boxes, food, drink, potions, and clothing). All members are welcome to withdraw supplies they need, however, please inform the Guild Steward what was taken, so it may be replaced.
Guild Bank 2
Available for Runner, Outrider, Protector, and Officer use.
Guild Bank 3
Available for Protector and Officer use.
Guild Bank 4: Officer's Bank
This guild bank holds those items that are deemed to valuable to allow free access to, or for trades that members feel an officer should moderate. If you need an item from this bank, please contact an officer. Additionally, this guild bank holds the Guild treasury. To tithe funds to the guild for general use, simply deposit them here.

Guild Halls

  1. Members are not required to donate money or status, however, if you find you are using the Hall and it's amenities regularly, contributions are expected.
  2. Members should refrain from donating all of their personal status to the Guild Hall escrow. Please keep at least 500,000 status (or more) to yourself for personal purchases.
  3. Because space is limited, please only place extra harvesting raws (no rares) that are T3 or higher within the Harvesting Supply Depot.
  4. Please refrain from moving or changing decorated areas or hirelings without consent from a Guild Officer. Feel free to move pets around as needed, but please do not remove them from the Hall.

Trading & Crafting

  1. Crafters do not work for the guild, they work for themselves. This means that you should not expect crafting members to give you items for free or for a reduced rate, crafters do what they do to make money.
  2. Try to be considerate of others. If a crafter is busy adventuring, do not pester them with requests to make something. It is preferable to send mail to a crafter asking for an item so they may fill it on their own time if they choose to do so.
  3. While we understand that crafters are trying to make money, we hope that guild crafters will offer their services to fellow guildmembers at fair rates whenever possible.