Guild Charter


ur tale begins long ago, when Qeynos and Freeport were both of one land and explorers had just begun venturing forth into the lost continent of Kunark. It was at this time that a group of stalwart adventurers came forth to join their forces against the evil denizens of Norrath. Though they had little in common, they quickly became strong friends who were fiercely loyal to one another. Together, they felt they could stand against the evils of the land; and stand they did. They called their band "Consilium Viridus", an ancient translation of "Green Council". The original reasons for the name have been lost with the original members of the band.

Shortly after the inception of the guild, a ranger and a druid joined the guild. The ranger was Lithandar Lorathian, while the druid was Krystara Stormcaller, both were of half-elven descent, and both were young at the time and could not imagine how their lives would be changed.

For several years the guild continued on as it had been, a group of friends standing against the evils of the world, and its members grew stronger with its support. But then things began to change after the discovery of the icy wastes of Velious. Some members had been lost in the explorations, while others quickly grew in power far beyond the other members; such was the harshness of that land. Through this time Lithandar and Krystara tried to keep the guild together, but it was fracturing around them. Suddenly, Lithandar was made leader of the guild, and the last of the members was gone. Only Lithandar and Krystara remained. Alone in the icy wastes and in shock at what had happened, they continued on.

Through the discovery of travel to Luclin, then on into the plane of Knowledge they continued their path. But with this easy access to the planes, Lithandar and Krystara began to see the downfall of the life they knew. Now the people of Norrath were challenging the gods themselves, and little care was taken to the land itself. For this reason, Lithandar swore to rebuild the guild, this time as a home for those who cared for Norrath, those who could protect its beauty and serenity. Unfortunately, while a noble goal, this was not to be.

The people of Norrath who cared for the land were few and far between. No one came forth to Lithandarís call. Consilium Viridus was dead in all but name. Lithandar and Krystara watched as the world around them crumbled.

Then came the War of the Fay followed by the earthquakes and flooding during the Rending and finally the Shattering of Luclin. By this time all record of Consilium Viridus was gone. Or so it was thought.

A short time ago, a pair of young adventurers, Drakael and Lysari, made an incredible discovery. While exploring Antonica they came across a hidden vale which had an ancient druid ring in the center. While exploring the ring, Lysari was guided to a fall of rock that had likely been there since before the cataclysm and started digging. No reason would she give to Drakael for this behavior, only saying that she felt she must. So Drakael joined her, lending his strength to the removal of the stone.

What they discovered was an ancient lockbox, rusted over completely. After scraping off much of the rust, they saw that the lockbox was covered in scrollwork, as well as an inscription that they could not read. They decided they must bring it to the Concordium in Qeynos, there they may find someone who could read the writing.

They met with one of the sages there and began to unlock the mystery of the lockbox. The sage was able to read the inscription on the box, explaining that it read "Consilium Viridus", an ancient translation of "Green Council", but could not give any meaning to this. So with the sage and Lysari safely behind, Drakael carefully shattered the lock and opened the box. Inside he found a great treasure.

Sitting foremost in the lockbox was a leather bound book, underneath was a sheaf of parchment. Drakael removed the book and opened it carefully, as the pages had become brittle. After scanning a few lines, Drakael quickly began to read aloud. What they had discovered was a journal, written by Lithandar and Krystara, to preserve the guild they could not rebuild. The journal told the entire history of the guild, from the time of their inception to when they buried the cache. The parchment underneath was discovered to be maps of the land as it had been, with many notes of the creatures and places therein.

Drakael paid the sage, and offered the maps and notes to the sages to copy and study, asking only for copies for himself and Lysari. The journal he kept for himself and Lysari. This he read several times, often reliving the adventures of Lithandar and Krystara. A feeling of kinship began to grow in the hearts of Drakael and Lysari, a kinship that was not of blood, but of spirit. Then Drakael had an idea that he quickly shared with Lysari.

Drakael would start the guild anew. He would create a guild based on the original principles of Consilium Viridus; to gather a band of loyal friends to stand against the harshness of the world. To honor the spirit of Lithandar and Krystara, the guild and its members would always be those who loved the land and wished to protect it. The only change Drakael would make, however, would be to change the name to the "Green Council" out of respect for what was lost in the many years since Consilium Viridus walked the land.

This is the history of the Green Council. This is its legacy.