Guild Charter


he Green Council is a casual roleplay guild based on the precepts of Exploration, Questing, and Crafting. It is our goal to provide a home for those players who share these interests and at the same time do not feel that they want to be part of a large, heavily organized guild.

A Roleplay Guild

The Green Council is a moderate roleplay guild. What this means is that our members try to stay in character as much as possible, but that we don't demand you stay in character at all times.

A Casual Guild

Many of our members prefer soloing to grouping, play at odd hours or infrequently, have as much fun socializing as adventuring, and in general are just here to have fun. We don't demand participation in events or raids, we don't have complicated recruiting proceedures, and we have only a few basic rules.

An Exploring Guild

Most of our members enjoy exploring the world of Norrath; whether it's seeking out unique locations, new and fearsome creatures, or finding that secret place tucked away in a dark corner of the world. (In fact, your guild leader will often be found in areas where he does not belong, quietly sneaking past those that guard such areas, and running deeper into enemy territorry when caught.)

A Questing Guild

All of our members are encouraged to do as many quests as possible. Questing gives goals to reach for as well as offering a shared purpose to players that encourages grouping and exploration.

A Crafting Guild

A good portion of our members enjoy a crafting profession in addition to their adventuring careers. All members are encouraged to try crafting, though it is not required as some do not find it enjoyable. Regardless, there are always likely to be members on who follow one crafting trade or another. (Please be aware of the rules regarding trading for items with crafting members.)