elcome to the home of the Green Council! We are a semi-roleplay guild on the Antonia Bayle server in Everquest II™. We are a guild that focuses on exploration, quests, and tradeskills.

The Green Council is actively recruiting. If you are a prospective member, please read the guild history, charter and rules before applying for membership. After you have read those pages you may contact a guild officer about joining our guild, or ask any questions you may have.


Now Guild Level 50!

Hey folks! Thanks primarily to the hard work of Lysari, we are now guild level 50! That's right, who says a tiny little guild can't make it in the world! In addition to reaching level 50, we've sold off the old Guild Hall in North Qeynos and moved across the wall to the former Hall of Thunder in South Qeynos.

While we take the time to unpack and set up the hall, we'll have it locked to members only, but just as soon as we're done we'll open it up again. And we look forward to seeing you there!



New Green Council Merchandise!

I made an account with Zazzle.com and created additional products there. New products include stickers, buttons, keychains, mugs, and more. There's also a set of skinny business cards that you can customize with your character information!



Now Guild Level 45!

Thanks to everyone who helped us get here, we are now Guild level 45! As an added bonus, we have added a Mailbox and A commodities Exchange Merchant (Junk and Status item Vendor) to the guild hall. Now there really is no need to leave the hall.

Our next milestone is 50, when we'll be moving to a T2 Guild hall, so start gathering that status and coin!



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*Guild Officers

Drakael - Guild Leader
Lysari - Sr. Officer
Zesthayra - Officer
Ealasai - Officer


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